-   BITMAIN After-sales Service Terms       (repair information form download)

Be sure refer to RMA instructions(Service&Support→ Service Guide)on our website before you ship back the defective parts ,otherwise we'll have custom issues once the parcel been checked ,and you need to pay Chinese import tax ,or even the parcel will be confiscated by Chinese custom!

-   Maintenance Within the Warranty period

-      If the machine is fault within the warranty period, BITMAIN will provide the maintenance service free of charge, and undertake logistics cost of returning the repaired machine to the customer. (The logistics cost of transferring the faulty machine to BITMAIN shall be borne by the customer).

-   Self-help Maintenance Application outside the Warranty Period

-     If the machine is fault outside the warranty period, BITMAIN will give the repair fee quotation after dismantling the machine and analyzing the specific fault when receiving the machine that customer has sent back to BITMAIN, and the overall repair fee will be no more than but may equal to the whole machine or the current market price of the accessories. Please note that BITMAIN will complete the maintenance of the machine in the process of dismantling and analyzing the machine; you agree to the terms of this self-help service application, which means that you will agree with that we cannot suspend maintenance process, and you will agree to the repair fee quotation that we will give, what’s more, BITMAIN will not be able to return the faulty machine to you if you don’t pay the repair fee.

-     BITMAIN adheres to service the customers by heart and soul, and give the repair fee quotation details reasonably and accurately. You should pay the repair fee within 60 days after receiving the repair fee quotation notice, and BITMAIN will send back the repaired machine after receiving the full require fee.

-     If BITMAIN don’t receive your full payment of repair fee within 60 days after we sent the repair fee quotation to you by email or phone call, we will regard that you give up the ownership of the machine, and we will have the full right of disposing your machine to counter repair fee.

-   Please confirm that you agree to the terms of self-help maintenance application, so that we continue to provide maintenance services to you.


-   The Scope of Non-free Maintenance

-     Outside the warranty period.

-     Immersion, Circuit board and components are affected with damp, and the damage caused by corrosion.

-     Drop and break the machine.

-     Tear up the warranty sticker.

-     Not use, maintain and keep it fit according to the requirements of specifications, and finally cause the damages due to the users’ improper use.

-     The machine is damaged or the circuit board and the chip are burned, caused by using the bad power supply that produced by a third party.

-     Damage due to force majeure event (such as fire, earthquake, a lightning strike and so on).

-     The machine is fault, which is caused by dismounting artificially or being replaced to use the accessories of any third party.

-     The machine is fault, which is caused by over clocking of the software.

    (repair information form download)