Antminer S2 - Firmware

FileName Description
initramfs.bin.SD-20140328.tar Initial Version.
initramfs.bin.SD-20140404.tar Release the binding of IP 192.168.1.x
initramfs.bin.SD-20140410.tar * Add Network/Diagnostics page
* Synchronize miner status page SD partition tool
initramfs.bin.SD-20140613.tar * fix the bug for password modification
* miner name on LCD can be modified through /etc/config/usr_defined_lcd
initramfs.bin.SD-20140619.tar fix bug: miner configuration can't saved in the SD card occasionally.
initramfs.bin.SD-20141029.tar.gz update cgminer to 4.6.1
update miner status and configuration page.
MD5: 9BBE2E9A905329129CC0D728B5DD6625